Neogen announces annual Trash My Puller contest winners

Congrats to the Van Slyke brothers, winners of the 2012 Trash My Puller contest.

They came, they saw, they catapulted.

Err, slingshot-ed.

Congratulations to the Van Slyke brothers of Canada, this year’s winner of Neogen’s annual Trash My Puller contest. The photo (check it out here) shows our contestants getting ready to slingshot their old calf puller into the hereafter.

Trash My Puller is an annual photo contest Neogen holds to see who can best dispose of their old calf puller. The entries then are voted on by people in the land of the Internet to see who won.

Coming in second was Pat Shrivier of Minnesota, who took a chainsaw to her old puller. Branden Davis of Kentucky came in third.

For those not familiar, a calf puller is an obstetrical instrument used to help cows give birth. Want more info? Check out Neogen’s product offerings for Dr. Frank’s calf pullers and Calf-Eze calf pullers.

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