Neogen announces annual Trash My Puller contest

William Martin of Athens, OH, was voted the most creative calf puller trasher in 2011 by a wide margin in Internet voting.

It had lived a good, long life. As the sun began to set on its last day, it remembered fondly all the lives it had helped bring into the world. And it was content. It was time.

Only one question remained: How would it happen?

Despite the uncertainty, two things were for sure: One, it would be entertaining. And two, it was the best calf puller out there. And it was going to win.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce the 2012 Trash My Puller contenders. Click here to check out the competitors and vote for your favorite.

What is Trash My Puller?

Trash My Puller is an annual photo contest Neogen holds to see who has the best way of disposing of their old calf puller.

What is a calf puller?

Neogen’s Dr. Frank’s calf pullers and Calf-Eze calf pullers are an obstetrical instruments that help cows give birth.

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