Neogen at SQF Information Day

This week, Neogen’s Jim Topper presented at the SQF Information Day during this year’s Food Safety Consortium. The event, a gathering for food industry professionals from every link of the supply chain, is an opportunity to share the advantages of third-party certifications in food safety and quality.

In his presentation, Topper shared material from Neogen’s “Best Practices for Implementing an Effective ATP Sanitation Verification Program” handbook, aiming to give simple, real-world best practices for getting the best results from any sanitation monitoring program.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Validation, verification and revalidation
  • Cleaning to a validated standard
  • Representative sampling
  • Interpreting test results, and how you know you have a good score
  • How to sample water, swab, and establish baselines
  • Limitations and interferences
  • Conclusions and summarizing

Interested in learning more? Easily download the handbook here.

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