Neogen awarded as the first recipient of the Wisconsin Water Alliance Business Spotlight

On July 24, the Wisconsin Water Alliance (WWA) announced Neogen as the first-ever recipient of its Business Spotlight.

This is a new initiative that the WWA uses to monthly recognize organizations that are engaged in the support, protection and advocacy of water resources in the state of Wisconsin.

“We are proud to spotlight the important work that Neogen is doing all across the country and here in Wisconsin,” said President of WWA, Dan Ellsworth. “Water is a vital, natural resource and through their customized approach, Neogen is working hard to not only help their clients but citizens as well.”

With water quality a crucial aspect in the food production industry and in facilities where good animal drinking parameters are a must — companies like Neogen play the key role of providing solutions to these issues.

“By improving water quality through the use of innovative products and programs, Neogen helps clients to reach their full potential,” said Neogen’s water expert Jesse McCoy.

These solutions come extremely necessary as there are so many challenges when dealing with water quality. Constant governmental regulations are just one of the many challenges, and because food producers, farmers, and other entities supply products that depend a great deal on water — everyone is pretty much subject to these regulations.

“As the Food and Drug Administration agency continues to restrict the use of antibiotics, producers will have to rely more on disease prevention, not treatment,” McCoy said. “The products our customers provide are comprised of more than 50% water, meaning all of our customers are in the water business.”

There is also the fact that consumable water supplies are scarce, and the need for solutions that ensure consumable water sometimes is even bigger when those already limited resources are contaminated.

At least 2 billion people worldwide use a drinking water source contaminated with feces, according to the World Health Organization.

With these many roadblocks, solutions to ensure the quality of water are almost as crucial as the chemical substance itself in many industries.

It is important that producers use different approaches and solutions to these matters. They will not only help to comply with regulations, but they will also improve production parameters.

“Water quality doesn’t cost, it pays,” McCoy stated.

Neogen offers a complete range of products and formats designed to support water testing. For more information, check out Neogen’s website.


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