Neogen hosts upcoming metagenomics webinars

The food safety industry has seen many of changes and improvements in technologies that make production environments and foods safer. One technology that’s making a big splash is genomic testing. With this new technology, the industry can achieve a greater level of visibility and understanding of what’s around them at a microbiological level.

Genomic technology can be used as a tool for multiple solutions: identifying spoilage sources, creating a map of your microbiome, and even for developing clean label formulations. But how do you know if genomic testing is an application you can benefit from? By doing research, of course.

Neogen’s own Joe Heinzelmann will be presenting a brand new webinar series to educate those in the food safety industry about genomic applications. Metagenomics for Food Safety and Quality: Webinar Series is a free, educational series to help viewers understand some of the applications of next generation sequencing and how it can be used to improve the quality of products in the food industry. You can register for each episode by viewing this page. The schedule is below:

  • 16s Metagenomics: A Case Study for Trouble-shooting Spoilage Sources
    • Tuesday, November 14, 2 pm ET
  • Demystifying the S: WGS vs 16s
    • Wednesday, December 13, 2pm ET
  • Arming Your Scientists for Clean Label Formulations
    • Thursday, January 11, 2 pm ET

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