Neogen now guarantees 17-day results for dairy genomic tests

Neogen Corporation recently announced that its GeneSeek subsidiary will now guarantee results from two of its most popular dairy genomic tests within 17 days — or the testing is free.

GeneSeek’s 17-day guarantee applies to its popular Igenity-Select and Igenity-Essential dairy genomic tests. To qualify for this offer, samples must be submitted as tissue sampling units, be accompanied with an electronic manifest containing all required information, and be properly identified upon arrival.

“In the world of raising dairy heifers, time is money. Neogen demonstrates our continued commitment to the success of the dairy producer by providing genomic testing results faster than ever with our new 17-day turnaround guarantee,” said GeneSeek’s Dr. Stewart Bauck. “This allows dairy producers to make economically impactful decisions on a younger animal, potentially reducing costly days on feed. Our operational strength and the size and efficiency of our expanded laboratory allows us to make this new guarantee.”

The two dairy genomic tests covered by the guarantee include:

  • Igenity-Select is a streamlined genomic profile that provides an excellent decision-making tool for the commercial dairy, and highly reliable results at a significant value for cost-conscious producers. It is powered by a low-density chip with custom content, and supported by the CDCB to give accurate results. The test is available for Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss purebred cattle.
  • Igenity-Essential provides the 15 most important key traits essential for improved dairy production targeted to commercial producers. It provides a cost-effective simple sorting tool for commercial heifers that does not rely on submission to the CDCB. Igenity-Essential is available for Holstein and Jersey purebred cattle.

Certain add-on content may not qualify for the turnaround time guarantee.

For more information, please visit, or contact your local Neogen or Merck Animal Health representative.

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