Neogen on the small screen

TV shows, webcasts – Neogen representatives have been busy!

Check out some of their latest appearances.

Igenity on The American Rancher (RFD-TV)

Neogen’s Igenity beef genomics subsidiary was featured on a recent episode of The American Rancher, which is set to re-air at noon on Sunday. (Check out some info on Igenity and an interview with Igenity’s Dr. Stewart Bauck, director of beef genomics here.)

Igenity’s tests use easy-to-gather samples, such a tail hair, to analyze the genetic potential of cattle, which allows producers to make the best decisions for their herds earlier than before.

Neogen also appeared on RFD-TV’s Horse Talk LIVE a few months back to discuss equine botulism.

Neogen at the World Pork Expo

Neogen’s Matthew Meyer explains why detectable needles are important at this year’s World Pork Expo. Detectable needles are made with an alloy that makes them detectable by metal detectors, which prevent broken needles from reaching the dinner plate.

Check it out here.

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