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Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Food safety

Poultry meat inspection: EFSA reviews risks for public health – European Food Safety Authority

The EFSA issued a scientific opinion last week suggesting traditional poultry inspection may be insufficient to deal with bacteria such as Campylobacter spp. and Salmonella spp.

Controls close to knocking out Salmonella among Danes – Food Safety News

Denmark appears to be winning the battle against Salmonella.

Study ties kids’ allergy risks to antibacterials, preservatives – Medline Plus

A new study from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center shows a correlation between antibacterials and an increased risk of having food and environmental allergies.

Red meat allergy likely caused by tick bites – Food Safety News

As if just getting bitten by a tick wasn’t bad enough.

Warning against eating meat has Chinese Olympians off their game – The Salt (NPR)

The Chinese Olympic women’s volleyball team missed out on meat for several weeks because they weren’t able to specially source clenbuterol-free meat.

Spanish farmers paid a price for Europe’s E. coli outbreak – Food Safety News

After being wrongly named as the source of deadly E. coli outbreak last year, Spanish farmers have had a rough time.

Some towns try to loosen reins on food producers – Poultry Times

Some towns in Maine are trying to supersede state and federal laws with local food safety ordinances.

China to revise list of additives permitted in food packaging –

The Chinese government is updating regulations as to what can and cannot be added to food.

New electrostatic salad spraying technique shows “efficacy” against E. coli –

This new E. coli research is just shocking.

Animal safety

Cattle, livestock at high risk for stress as heat indices reach dangerous levels –

The USDA is urging cattle owners to monitor the animals for heat stress.


Methadone – Leading cause of fatal overdoses in the United States –

A drug often used to treat heroin addiction may be responsible for up to 30 percent of painkiller overdoses, according to a new study.


Heat wave pushes soybean prices sky high –

Soybean prices jumped following an intense heat wave.

Drought forces summer Midwest hay prices high –

The dry weather may be good for harvesting hay, but not for growing it.

Mexico bird flu outbreak affects 2.5 million chickens, 1 million destroyed – Washington Post

The Mexican government is continuing testing.

Senate, House farm bills follow different paths – Politico

Let the reconciling begin.

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