Recover from Thanksgiving with the Monday links

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest food safety, animal safety, life sciences and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Food safety

Microbiological control in the food plant environment and the role of rapid testingNeogen

Join food safety experts Dr. Jeff Kornacki of Kornacki Microbiology Solutions, Inc. and Dr. Mark Mozola, Neogen’s vice president of research and development as they discuss the importance of rapid testing in today’s food facilities. The webinar begins at 2 p.m. EST, Nov. 29. Use the link above to register.

Ingredients for a homestyle Thanksgiving 200 miles above Earth – NPR’s The Salt

Thanksgiving may be over, but this still is pretty interesting.

Obama administration: Food safety rules coming ASAP – Food Safety News

The delay in implementing the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act is because of its “importance and complexity”, officials say.

Animal safety

Simple changes rekindle an interest in toysFully Vetted

A simple color change may encourage pets to start interacting again with abandoned toys.

Hay is for horses, but at a steep price this year – Detroit News

High hay prices plague animal owners.

Winter horse care tips for owners –

The Kentucky Horse Council has some great tips for winter living for horses.

No bird flu threat here – Ceylon Today

A bird flu outbreak in India shouldn’t affect Sri Lanka, which is off of India’s coast, officials said.

Gambia:  “Gambia at risk of losing 200,000 head of cattle” –

The loss is predicted following an outbreak of contagious bovine pleura pneumonia.

House bill seeks to ban action devices, performance packages used in soring – Veterinary Practice News

The new bill would make it illegal for anyone to cause a horse to become sore. Soring is used to increase a signature gait in certain breeds of horse.

Kabang update – UC-Davis

Kabang, the hero dog from the Phillippines that lost her snout saving two girls, recently underwent a fifth round of chemo to eliminate a tumor. Once the tumor is gone, doctors at UC-Davis can treat her facial injuries. For more on Kabang’s story, click here.


Growing populations and wealth changing food

Dairy consumption and edible oils are increasing, especially in Asia.

Does an agriculture degree change the world? – Dairy Herd Network

Ag groups dispute recent articles downplaying the importance of agriculture-related college degrees.

California psyllid find hits nurseries – The Packer

Citrus nurseries in a California county are under quarantine after an insect known to carry a disease lethal to citrus trees was found. To read more on the initial find, click here.

Judge refuses to overturn Mich. exotic swine banSan Francisco Chronicle

The law is not too vague to be implemented, according to the recent ruling.


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