Start off your week with the Monday Links

Another Monday, another Monday Links! Bringing you the latest news in the food and animal safety industries and more, the Monday Links are your go-to source for information. What’s going on in the world? Read on to find out.


How to organize your refrigerator for food safety (The Kitchn)

Professional kitchens, chefs and foodies alike need a strategy when it comes to their food—or more specifically, their refrigerator. The Kitchn goes in-depth as to how your food, condiments and should be organized for the best food safety practices.

What the drought means for beef (BEEF Magazine)

The drought is affecting many crops, and crop prices, around the United States. But it may have somewhat of a silver lining for the beef industry, at least in the short term.


At Ikea, buy a dresser and a dog! (The Week)

Call it adorable marketing, or a company with a humanitarian heart: In select stores, Ikea is now teaming up with local animal shelters to showcase furry friends to interested buyers.


More organic food sales encourages growth in organic farming (USDA)

Statistics from the United States Department of Agriculture show that organic food sales continue to rise across the nation. This has been stimulating growth in the agricultural world, as more U.S.-certified farm operations and U.S. organic farmland acres are also on the rise.

Cutting down crop waste could feed three billion (Nature)

Researchers analyze farming practices to best determine how to feed the expanding population, and give some ideas for what our new global agriculture would look like.

Is growing food a revolutionary act? (Food Tank)

Two hundred years ago, our ancestors grew most of their food for sustenance. Now, many of us rely on grocery stores. What has changed recently to make home-gardens revolutionary?

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