Switzerland tightens rules on horse movement

horse portrait2_blogIn an effort to fight equine disease outbreaks, Switzerland has implemented new rules regarding horse movement and reporting.

With the new rules, each time a horse is moved to a new stable or the owners change must be reported to the Animal Tracing Database (BDTA). There are some exceptions – for example, if the move lasts less than 30 days, The Horse reports. Owners must also inform the database when a horse is castrated, imported, exported, dies or is euthanized.

Currently, horses born after January 1, 2011 have to be identified using a microchip, according to the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture. In 2008, the European Union (EU) adopted a microchipping rule that required the animals to also have an accompanying identification document called a passport.

The goal of both measures is to improve tracebility for horses and other equids as well as help manage disease outbreaks better.

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