The problem with energy drinks

In this week’s Monday Links, we mentioned a safety warning that may be added to energy drinks. A new report from Food Safety News goes further in depth as to why consumers may need to be concerned about these caffeine-spiked beverages.

The level of caffeine within various brands ranges greatly—ranging anywhere from just a few […]

EU to reassess food additives currently in use


What is really in your food — and is it safe? This is something that many consumers have struggled with as food additives become more common in grocery store items. And while legislation in the European Union (EU) says that only those additives that have been through a full safety […]

Price of beauty could mean long-term health issues

You could easily get lost in cosmetic aisles and stores. Shelf after shelf of amazing red lipsticks, un-ending mascaras with different wands and colors and more eye shadow palettes than most girls know what to do with. With one glance, it can be exhausting — but some have their makeup routine down to an exact […]