U.K. moves to prevent counterfeit alcohol

A new plan in the United Kingdom (U.K.) will help assure consumers that the spirits they purchase actually are what they’re marketed as.

The Spirit Drinks Verification Scheme aims to help protect the integrity of U.K.-made spirits, such as Scotch, from confusion with counterfeits or lower quality substitutions. Under the plan, HM Revenue & Customs […]

Libya methanol poisoning outbreak death toll climbs

The number of people in Libya who have died from drinking alcohol contaminated with methanol has hit 87, the Associated Press reports.

The outbreak, which first was reported a week ago, has injured more than 1,000 people, Libya’s Health Minister has said. Additionally, 15 people have been blinded and others have suffered kidney failure or […]

Boozy eggnog may knockdown Salmonella

Some bacteria just can’t hold their liquor.

Researchers at the Rockefeller University Laboratory of Bacterial Pathogenosis and Immunology have found that their traditional homemade eggnog isn’t a friendly home to the illness-causing bacteria, Good Morning America reports.

For the past six decades, the lab has been making eggnog – a mix of raw egg, cream, […]

Some liquor sales to resume in Czech Republic following methanol poisoning outbreak

Alcohol sales will be allowed to resume in the Czech Republic, following a spate of deaths and hospitalizations from methanol-laced liquor.

The sale of hard liquor was banned Sept. 14 after more than 20 people died from black market alcohol tainted with methanol, an industrial solvent often used in counterfeit booze. In total, 26 people […]

Czech government restricts alcohol sales further after methanol-related deaths

Following a rash of deaths from methanol-laced rum and vodka, the Czech government has placed further restrictions on alcohol sales.

Starting last Friday, the Czech government placed a blanket ban on all sales of hard liquor. Beer and wine still may be purchased at shops, restaurants and bars, according to the Wall Street Journal.

As […]

Czech government restricts alcohol sales after 19 die from methanol-laced vodka, rum

Methanol-laced rum and vodka has killed 19 and hospitalized 24 people in the Czech Republic, according to media reports.

Methanol is a low cost industrial solvent that often is used in counterfeit alcohol. Effects of ingesting methanol include nausea and vomiting, confusion and vision difficulties. In the most severe cases, it can lead to coma […]

Report: Counterfeit booze reports jump 27 percent in the U.K.

Reports of fake alcohol have risen sharply in May and June in the U.K., according to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Food Fraud Database.

Of the 170 cases reported to the FSA, about 45 percent of those involved fake alcohol. Last year, of the 238 cases reported in the same time frame, only 23 percent […]