A rose by any other name: What to label alternative ‘dairy’ and ‘meat’ products?

The dairy and meat industries have been abuzz in recent years about the matter of names. Can alternative “dairy” products truly be called dairy? After all, we’ve always called the liquid inside of coconuts “milk,” even though coconuts assuredly don’t lactate. Similarly, can plant-based or lab-grown “meat” products use “meat” in their names?

It’s a […]

High-tech, plant-based ‘bleeding’ burgers hit the market

Veggie burgers made from beans or soy have long been available for vegetarians during summertime cookouts, but some companies are now producing meatless burgers that they claim are indistinguishable from beef burgers.

The plant-based burgers are produced by companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, who claim they taste, look and cook just like beef […]

New type of fake chicken hits shelves

What does fake meat taste like?

Just like chicken, according to some.

A new chicken substitute product, made from soy, pea powder, carrot fiber and gluten-free flour, bares the closest resemblance to the feathery fowl in taste and texture, according to some who have tried it.

According to ABC News, several retailers in San Francisco […]