Study: Farm workers carry more antibiotic-resistant bacteria than animals

One of the most common and costly diseases faced by the dairy industry is bovine mastitis, a potentially fatal bacterial inflammation of the mammary gland (IMI). Widespread use of antibiotics to treat this disease, and other diseases agriculture animals often face, has been blamed for generating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a concern for the health and well-being […]

FDA releases report on antibiotic use in food-producing animals

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released its latest annual report summarizing the amount of antimicrobials sold or distributed in 2012 for use in food-producing animals. According to a recently published article in Drovers Cattle Network, below are the trends reflected in this year’s summary report:

A 16% increase was seen in the total […]

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After food safety scares, China retailer offers baby milk insurance – Fox News

A Chinese retailer is offering insurance to customers who buy infant milk powder, highlighting the lengths […]