Insect activity, crop losses could increase as global temperatures rise

When temperatures go up, so do certain risks, like the potential presence of certain crop and shellfish toxins. Alongside these risks, a new study outlines how insect activity also increases as the globe heats up — leading to increased crop loss.

Research from the University of Washington suggests that a rise of just 2°C can […]

Aphid control can stem spread of potato viruses

It’s a matter of strategy for farmers, according to the Manitoba Co-Operator. While the pathogenic virus potato virus Y (PVY) isn’t new to the agricultural industry, the fact that the virus is changing is.

New strains have begun to emerge, once again bringing the management of possible spread of disease to the forefront for researchers […]

Fungal network helps plants communicate

It’s like playing telephone, but more science-y.

Researchers have found plants use an underground network of fungi to warn each other of attacks by aphids, small insects that feed on and can destroy plants, according to The research was published in Ecology Letters and was conducted by researchers at the University of Aberdeen and […]