Update: African swine fever spreads into Southeast Asia

African swine fever (ASF), a viral and devastating disease to pigs but harmless to humans, has crossed borders into additional countries in Southeast Asia.

Last February, public health authorities reported multiple ASF cases spreading from China into Vietnam, forcing pork producers to make the call on millions of animals.

Later in April, the virus made […]

Rats: If we can’t beat them, eat them?

Over the millennia that we have been fighting rats, researchers have provided nearly endless solid scientific rationale for us wanting to hit any we see with a baseball bat about 17 times.

They spread disease, eat our food, contaminate our food and homes, bite us, and are generally unlikable.

The BBC reports that there are […]

USDA project sequences wheat genome

Researchers hope the newly sequenced wheat genome will contribute to global food security.

The “shotgun sequencing” was reported in the journal Nature, and is expected to help increase wheat yields and thereby increase food security, while hurrying the development of enhanced wheat with higher nutritional content, according to the USDA, which worked with an international […]