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Food Safety

GFSI in 2017: The Year of FSMA Compliance – Food Safety Tech Insights on how FSMA and GFSI work together to manage food safety.

The Right Way to Store These 9 […]

Researchers look to weather radar to help predict bird flu

The same weather radar technology used to predict rain is now giving researchers the ability to track wild birds that could carry the avian influenza virus. Avian influenza, also known as bird flu, infects and kills chickens, turkeys and other types of birds, and can take a significant economic toll on the poultry industry.

In […]

Restaurant industry scrambles to deal with rising egg prices

Egg prices in supermarkets across various parts of the country have tripled as the largest outbreak of avian influenza to ever hit the U.S. has now spread to 21 states, infecting 298 total sites. This is resulting in a carton of 12 extra-large eggs that used to cost 99 cents, now hitting the $3.00 range, […]

H7N9 avian flu cases taper off

Although the number of H7N9 cases has slowed in recent weeks, many of those infected continue to battle the illness.

Some experts believe the closure of live poultry markets could be reason for the slow down, although others have suggested H7N9 could be decreasing as summer arrives, something that has been seen with other avian […]