Reviewing calf puller best practices before spring calving

Most cattle producers in the U.S. follow a spring calving calendar, which means they’re gearing up for a busy season as we speak. University of Tennessee Extension says that spring calving is often preferred because of the availability of cool-season forage immediately after the calves are born, and because it allows producers to wean and […]

Trash My Puller winners announced

Sheldon Tindall’s winning Trash My Puller photo

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winners.

Congratulations to Sheldon Tindall of Alberta, Canada, who sent his old calf puller off into the wild blue yonder to win the Trash My Puller photo contest. Evan Okraincee, of Saskatchewan, Canada, came in second with his puller taking a […]

It’s up to you: Voting begins for Trash My Puller contest

The Van Slyke brothers were the winners of last year’s Trash My Puller contest.

From harrowing tales of difficult births to calf pullers being thrown from great heights, Neogen has received many creative calf puller pictures and stories. Now it’s up to the public to decide which is best.

Voting has begun for Neogen’s […]

Neogen announces annual Trash My Puller contest

William Martin of Athens, OH, was voted the most creative calf puller trasher in 2011 by a wide margin in Internet voting.

It had lived a good, long life. As the sun began to set on its last day, it remembered fondly all the lives it had helped bring into the world. And it […]