Genomic testing reveals most common shelter dog breeds

You walk into the room and hear a chorus of barks, yips and yowls. At once, a dozen dogs rush to their kennel doors, happily — or aggressively — greeting you. Offhand, you can identify a few different breeds here at the animal shelter — a black lab here, a pit bull there. But what […]

8 foods dog owners shouldn’t feed their pets

Dog owners: we’ve all done it. When those puppy-dog eyes beg to us from under the dinner table, we can’t resist. A little scrap of people food becomes dog food thanks to a guilty Dog Mom or Dad. (Kudos to those of you who hold strong against the relentless force of the sad puppy-dog eyes.)


‘Shut up and pet me!’

A study has apparently proven that dogs would prefer that humans would just shut the heck up, and get down to petting them on their furry soft little heads, behind their ears, or oh my, on their cute little tummies.

The research, which was co-authored by Dr. Erica Feuerbacher of the University of Florida and […]

6 Reasons dogs chase their tails

[ SPANISH ] It usually happens out of the blue: you’re reclining in your living room and suddenly your dog stands up and starts running in circles, chasing its tail. Apart from it being kind of hilarious, there may be some very legitimate reasons that your dog decides to start attacking a part of its […]

Would you wear a sweater made from the hair your dog sheds?

Anyone who knows dog people knows some dog people like their dogs, and other dog people REALLY like their dogs. For the latter group, no expense is spared to provide Fido with only the absolute finest canine couture and cuisine.


Genomic study provides new clues to early canine history

Although they may share a common ancestor, dogs and wolves are not as closely related as previously thought.

New research from the University of Chicago suggests that domestic dogs are more closely related to each other, despite geographic location, than to wolves. The findings also point to a common ancestor for dogs and wolves somewhere […]

The human-canine bond: A tale of love and brain chemistry

It’s a love story that’s existed for thousands of years.

The bond between humans and dogs runs deep; in fact, dogs can read human gestures better than pretty much any other species, including other primates such as chimps, according to National Geographic.

It’s this complex emotional and chemically-bound bond between humans and our canine companions […]