Tox Tuesday: Cotinine/Nicotine

Right off the bat, nicotine has a few strikes against it: it is one of the most heavily used addictive drugs in the United States; 10 people die per minute due to tobacco use; and 90% of lung cancer cases in men (and 80% in women) are caused by smoking.

So why is this potentially […]

Science fact or fiction? Talking plants

It is estimated that up to 7,000 languages are spoken globally; some continents feature thousands of languages, such as Asia, where others only have hundreds, such as Europe. There are languages that are spoken by billions, and an estimated 46 languages are spoken by just one person.

But there is another language emerging from the […]

Science: Don’t pee in the pool!

The idea of swimming in another human’s urine is beyond gross. Yuck. Not refreshing at all. Although, if you think about it, we humans quite happily swim in lakes and rivers, which are undoubtedly home to the urine of other species.

But, getting back to the urine of other humans. We hate it. We scream […]