WSU researchers sequence pear, apple, cherry genomes

Want to dig a little deeper into your favorite fruits’ genetics?

Well, if you’re a fan of certain pears, apples, cherries and almonds (I know, I know, not a fruit), you’re in luck. Researchers at Washington State University have sequenced the genomes of four members of the Rosaceae family – the double haploid Comice pears, […]

Report: Michigan cherry crop almost a total loss

The overwhelming damage to U.S. tart cherry crop was detailed in a USDA report.

The numbers are truly staggering – the tart cherry crop in Michigan, the nation’s largest grower of tart cherries, is down 97 percent from last year. This caused a 68 percent drop nationally.

The forecast estimated Michigan will produce 5.5 million […]

Michigan legislators look to help fruit farmers who have lost crops

This spring was an especially difficult one for Michigan tree fruit farmers, many of whom lost their entire crop following harsh freezes.

The harvest for tart cherries alone, of which Michigan is the nation’s largest producer, could be down as much as 75 percent from last year and result in the 2012 crop being the […]