Cold weather considerations for cattle

Cold snaps and blizzards rocked many parts of the Northern Hemisphere last week, leaving many miserable and uncomfortable. While research shows that not all cows are as pessimistic about their environments as we humans can be, it’s obviously still important to protect them from the harsh elements. Here are some things to keep in mind.


Winter prep on the dairy farm

Much of the United States and Western Europe is facing severe winter weather and unusually cold temperatures in early 2018. The Independent reports that this is the coldest British winter in five years, and the United States’ East Coast has battled a powerful “bomb cyclone” storm that dumped snow as far south as Florida.

With […]

Part 1: Proper cold weather ventilation crucial in swine facilities

Those involved in swine production know the three most important things for maintaining proper pig health are feed, water, and an optimum environment. With the looming onset of colder weather, most swine facilities will shift away from maximum ventilation settings toward minimum ventilation settings more appropriate for colder outside temperatures.

When hog barns are in […]