Careful needle use prevents spread of livestock disease

In a set of training modules for veterinarians, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service touches on some important considerations for the re-use of needles when treating animals.

In the module, the agency explains the ever-present need for veterinarians and livestock producers to be careful when re-using needles. Used needles carry […]

Neogen on the small screen

TV shows, webcasts – Neogen representatives have been busy!

Check out some of their latest appearances.

Igenity on The American Rancher (RFD-TV)

Neogen’s Igenity beef genomics subsidiary was featured on a recent episode of The American Rancher, which is set to re-air at noon on Sunday. (Check out some info on Igenity and an interview […]

“One is too many” campaign marks more than a decade since establishment

This month, a campaign to prevent broken needles in pork and pork products turns 12 years old.

“One is too many” was created by the National Pork Producers Council to raise awareness of preventing broken veterinary needles in pork products, according to National Hog Farmer. Needles may become broken during the administration of routine vaccinations […]