How hormones impact the stock trading floor

The stock floor is stressful enough: money flying in and out of hands, companies’ prices rising and falling and the nation watching and waiting to see what the stock market may have to say about the economy. Add in hormones, and the stock trading floor can become a whole different situation.

Researchers from Cambridge University […]

Tox Tuesday: Caffeine

It could be from coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, jelly beans, chocolate, pills or even in powder form, but the fact of the matter is, there are some days I just need my caffeine. I may have pulled a couple all-nighters in my college years drinking cup after cup of tea to finish my final […]

November is Pet Diabetes Month

Humans aren’t the only ones who deal with diabetes – our furry companions can also be hit hard by the disease.

To help fight back, November is recognized as Pet Diabetes Month, which provides an increased emphasis on the illness.

Diabetes is a relatively common disease in dogs and cats (1 in 400 cats […]