Wait, red meat doesn’t hurt heart health?

A heart-healthy diet consists of lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and red meat. Wait—something doesn’t belong there. Usually it is recommended to limit red meat (and sugary foods and beverages).

But could that recommendation change following research from the University of Cambridge?

International researchers worked together to conduct a meta-analysis of […]

How to care for geriatric horses

Almost all horse owners will face the challenge of caring for an aging horse at some point. It’s inevitable if we choose to provide our animals a home beyond their useful or competitive life. A 2010 Animal Horse Publication survey showed that the average horse owner has two horses older than 15 years and that […]

7 stories you need to know this week

[ SPANISH ] With Monday comes the Monday Links—your essential breakdown of all the must-know news stories going on right now. Read on below:


Get in the know with the Monday Links

Only a few more days until we’re officially in summer! While we’re gearing up for a heat wave at headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, across the pond, we’re celebrating Food Safety Week 2014 in the United Kingdom (UK). We are also about to gather together for our International Sales Meeting later on this week. It’s safe […]

Experts debate cost of being mosquito-free

April showers bring May flowers. May flowers bring mosquitoes? That’s not how the old adage goes, but it definitely feels like it this year. Local reports around Neogen’s headquarters in Michigan have stated that the weather conditions are great conditions for mosquito breeding grounds, meaning it might be a busy, buggy season.

In a perfect […]

Faking it: Food allergies as eating disorders

We recently covered the globalization diet, but there is another diet that is beginning to rise and has rapidly become a cause for concern.

It starts in an unlikely place:


Don’t forget your vitamins: Cattle and vitamin E absorption

By James Little, DVM

Equine and companion animal professional services veterinarian

The fat soluble vitamins (e.g., vitamins A, D, E, and K) play important roles in the bodies of many species including bovine. One of the critical roles is the support they provide to the immune system in its response to infectious […]