Science: Yes, your dog gives you puppy dog eyes — even without treats

“Puppy dog eyes” are a very real phenomenon, science shows.

A paper recently published by a team of scientists from Britain explains how domestic dogs change their facial expressions, becoming more expressive when humans are paying attention to them.

“Oh, sure,” you might say. “Because they think they’re getting a treat.”

Not so, the scientists […]

‘Shut up and pet me!’

A study has apparently proven that dogs would prefer that humans would just shut the heck up, and get down to petting them on their furry soft little heads, behind their ears, or oh my, on their cute little tummies.

The research, which was co-authored by Dr. Erica Feuerbacher of the University of Florida and […]

Study shows dogs evolved to eat our scraps as we started farming

Rewind about 15,000 years and that would have been the beginning of when dogs and humans first started becoming friends. How this special relationship between two predators first kicked off has been a bit of a mystery, but a recent study may give new hints as to the origins of the domestic dog.

As it […]