Could drought-resistant crops be in our future?

International research has found how plants, such as rice and wheat, sense and respond to extreme drought stress, in a breakthrough that many think could lead to the development of next-generation drought-proof crops.

Lead researcher, Dr. Kai Xun Chan from The Australian National University (ANU) Research School of Biology, said the team discovered an enzyme […]

Research shows genomics can match plant variety to climate stresses

A new study has shown that genomic signatures of adaptation in crop plants can help predict how crop varieties respond to stress from their environments. Led by a Kansas State University research team, this is the first study to document that genomic signatures of adaptation can help identify plants that will do well under certain […]

Drought 2012 links: Drought-stressed corn contributes to cattle death in Wisconsin

More than 30 Wisconsin cows are dead after they consumed drought-stressed corn, Hay and Forage Grower has reported.

The deaths are thought be the result of nitrates that build up in drought-stressed corn. Typically, the nitrate flows up the plant and is converted to protein, aiding in growth. However, in drought conditions, the flow stops […]