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Food safety

Food fraud: MEPs call for measures to fix weak links in the production chain – European Parliament News

The European Parliament plans to review its food production […]

U.K. moves to prevent counterfeit alcohol

A new plan in the United Kingdom (U.K.) will help assure consumers that the spirits they purchase actually are what they’re marketed as.

The Spirit Drinks Verification Scheme aims to help protect the integrity of U.K.-made spirits, such as Scotch, from confusion with counterfeits or lower quality substitutions. Under the plan, HM Revenue & Customs […]

FSMA food defense rule proposed

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a new rule aimed at protecting the U.S. food supply from intentional contamination.

Under the rule, domestic and foreign food facilities will be required to evaluate vulnerabilities in their processes in order to prevent acts that could cause public harm. This kind of adulteration can take […]