Kid’s allergies may be linked to how you wash your dishes

Parents that wash dishes by hand rather than in a dishwasher may lower their children’s risk of developing allergies according to a new study.

Published in the journal Pediatrics, this study followed roughly 1,000 young children and their parents living in the Gothenburg area of Sweden. Researchers looked into not only if the parents washed […]

Study: Eczema may be linked to food allergy development

Scientists have known for a while that eczema and food allergies are linked, but a new study shows the skin condition may actually play a role in the development of allergies.

Children with skin barrier issues, such as eczema, are more than six times more likely to have food allergies than children without the condition, […]

New study points to link between eczema, egg allergy and peanut allergy

It’s a unique trio that may provide valuable information about future food allergies.

Results from a recent study have shown that the presence of eczema and egg allergy “strongly predict risk” for developing peanut allergy, according to the Learning About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) study. The research is funded by the National Institute of Allergy and […]