Canine hypothyroidism: What is it and how is it treated?

Dr. James Little Director of professional services, Neogen


When a dog’s body chemistry is off, the health effects can be significant.

This is especially true when it comes to the endocrine system, which regulates hormones. Although dogs may be affected by a range of endocrine issues, hypothyroidism is thought to be one of […]

Porcine respiratory disease complex (PRDC): What is it and how do we prevent it?

Dr. Pablo Moreno

Professional services veterinarian


A good biosecurity program is essential for the improvement and maintenance of the genetic potential and productivity of farm animals.

Disease outbreaks on farms affect productivity in numerous undesirable ways, such as reducing productivity, increasing mortality and reducing daily gain. Not only does this affect […]

Do turkeys have a drinking problem?

Dr. Mueez Ahmad, DVM

Technical services veterinarian


Although we’ve heard of chickens crossing the road from various sources, turkeys apparently are not very interested in whatever may be on the other side of the road. It sounds like turkeys have a better road sense than chickens. However, when […]

Biosecurity: The importance of cleaning and disinfection

By Dr. Pablo Moreno, DVM

Neogen Corporation

Proper cleaning and disinfection of animal facilities is a critical part of any good biosecurity program.

An ideal program will reduce the number of pathogens to levels that are non-pathogenic for the animals housed in the facility. In a healthy animal, low levels of pathogens should […]

Winter testing for mycotoxins

By Pat Frasco

Sales director, milling and grain


Harvest is over and crops such as corn are out of the fields and stored, but this doesn’t mean it’s time to drop our guard when it comes to mycotoxins.

It’s been a rough year for producers throughout the U.S., who have […]

Neogen blog: A look back at 2012

Ah, nostalgia. It’s been a busy year here at the Neogen blog. We’ve covered quite a range of stuff, from food safety reforms to happy elephants in Thailand (scroll down for details – hint, hint) to decoding DNA.

So kick back, relax and take a stroll down the Neogen blog’s memory lane.

Food […]

Don’t forget your vitamins: Cattle and vitamin E absorption

By James Little, DVM

Equine and companion animal professional services veterinarian

The fat soluble vitamins (e.g., vitamins A, D, E, and K) play important roles in the bodies of many species including bovine. One of the critical roles is the support they provide to the immune system in its response to infectious […]

Warming up for Thanksgiving: Pet safety

We all know the look.

It most commonly appears around mealtimes and kicks into high gear during especially big feasts, such as Thanksgiving.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about the puppy eyes.

Who can blame pets for doing a little extra begging when the dining room table is laden with delights such as turkey […]

Part 2: Proper cold weather ventilation crucial in swine facilities

Make sure you check out part 1 of this post.

Air exchange is a key part of proper ventilation of a swine facility in cold weather.

The exchange helps improve air quality by removing excess ammonia and respirated moisture from the pigs, according to citing Harry Huffman’s comments at the 2009 London Swine […]

Part 1: Proper cold weather ventilation crucial in swine facilities

Those involved in swine production know the three most important things for maintaining proper pig health are feed, water, and an optimum environment. With the looming onset of colder weather, most swine facilities will shift away from maximum ventilation settings toward minimum ventilation settings more appropriate for colder outside temperatures.

When hog barns are in […]