The latest Food Safety Modernization Act updates for global companies

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) may be a U.S.-based regulation, but it has enormous implications for suppliers overseas who might wish to do business with a U.S. company. Adherence to FSMA is mandatory to U.S. companies, yes, but it also applies to any non-U.S. company exporting food products to the U.S.

When it was […]

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Animal Science:

Getting a better handle on methane emissions from livestock — American Chemical Society Livestock contribute a hefty portion to the average person’s diet, but at a cost to the environment: a lot of methane, a […]

Bond, James Bond, and Food Defense

Most people would agree that British author Ian Fleming was a great writer, but few would probably expect his work to touch on protecting the food supply.

In the tenth book of his James Bond series, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” Fleming has secret agent James Bond addressing Food Defense — one of three “Food”-based […]

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Food safety

Study on the geographic origins of foods – Food Standards Agency (FSA)

The United Kingdom’s FSA is undertaking a study that will focus on if foods that are […]

FSMA food defense rule proposed

Today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a new rule aimed at protecting the U.S. food supply from intentional contamination.

Under the rule, domestic and foreign food facilities will be required to evaluate vulnerabilities in their processes in order to prevent acts that could cause public harm. This kind of adulteration can take […]

New food defense tool available from FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has added a tool to its arsenal against intentional food adulteration and contamination.

The new software – the Food Defense Plan Builder – is designed to help food facility operators easily develop plans to prevent intentional contamination. Although FDA doesn’t require food defense plans, many companies still implement […]