Water troughs identified as E. coli sites on cattle farms

In any facility where animals are raised, especially for food production, a considerable amount of effort goes into completing one of many goals: preventing E. coli from getting anywhere it’s not supposed to be.

To a certain degree, E. coli is inevitable; it naturally exists harmlessly in the intestines of people and animals. The problem […]

E. coli more virulent when accompanied by beneficial bacteria

E. coli

It has long been somewhat of a mystery why some people get extremely sick and even die after being infected by the foodborne pathogen E. coli O157:H7, while others experience much milder symptoms and recover relatively quickly. Researchers from Penn State University recently concluded a four-year study on this matter and believe […]

Study: Campylobacter found on 73% of UK Chicken

After a year-long program of testing fresh chickens at supermarkets and butchers in Europe, The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is reporting that 73% of the poultry they tested was positive for Campylobacter, a potentially lethal foodborne pathogen.

A recent article reports that more than 4,000 samples of fresh, whole, chilled chickens were collected for testing […]

CDC: Listeria outbreaks rare but severe

If you were not familiar with Listeria before, there’s a good chance you are now due to the recent recalls of ice cream and hummus which were both recently found to be contaminated with the pathogen. The contaminated ice cream has been linked to several cases of illness and three death within the U.S., while […]

Study reveals new potential of peanuts

A new study is showing that eating the skinless inner kernels of peanuts may improve a person’s gut bacteria and their ability to ward off E. coli and Salmonella infections.

Published in the Journal of Food Science, researchers at the University of Maryland say this is because skinless peanuts have a prebiotic-like effect and the […]

Study: Listeria thrives in retail delis

Your favorite deli sandwich may come with an unexpected side, according to a new study that took thousands of samples at retail delis around the U.S and found some of the highest rates of the foodborne pathogen, Listeria monocytogenes ever recorded.

In healthy individuals, eating food contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes may lead to common food […]

Anatomy of a pathogen: Listeria

Listeria is a common family of bacteria that can be found in the soil, water and even in some animals (including poultry and cattle). One member of the Listeria family is one of the major foodborne pathogens—alongside Salmonella and E. coli 0157:H7—and also one of the more dangerous ones, as it can survive not only […]