Safety tips: Fourth of July and your four-legged friends

If your pet had to pick a favorite time of year, it probably wouldn’t be July. This is because fireworks can be a very traumatic experience that causes them to bolt in fear. In fact, a recent article states, there is a 30% increase in pets reported lost during the week surrounding the Fourth of […]

Life, liberty and the pursuit of pet safety

Every Fourth of July, my family and I drag seats into our backyard on Lake Huron of the Great Lakes, open several bags of popcorn and enjoy the show. In any direction you look, colorful fireworks shoot up into the air, lanterns float in the sky and neighbors are enjoying a bonfire. It’s a beautiful […]

Have a food-safe Fourth of July!

With grills across the nation flaring up for the Fourth of July, it’s important to remember some important food safety facts to keep your celebration from creating less than pleasant memories.


Avoiding Fourth of July pet fiascos

There’s nothing like lounging around a BBQ or the beach on the Fourth of July – especially when a furry little face is throwing his best puppy eyes around for a treat.

With the holiday tomorrow and what looks to be toasty weather for much of the country that celebrates the Fourth, it’s important to […]

Celebrating the Fourth of July food and animal safety-style

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate our independence. But to celebrate it properly, make sure you declare your independence from foodborne illness. Check out some tips below to keep your Fourth of July BBQ from taking an icky turn.

Watch out for cross-contamination. Don’t use the same utensils and dishes for raw […]