New discovery points toward potential agricultural breakthrough

Arguments concerning genetic engineering of the world’s food supply are nothing new. Many members of the scientific community argue GMO foods are just as safe to consume as their naturally grown counterparts, while others fear that tampering with our crops could lessen the integrity of our meals.

But, what if genetic engineering could increase food […]

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Animal Science

Researching estrogens in cow’s milk – Morning Ag Clips In experiments on mice, even at concentrations 100 times higher than milk from pregnant cows, blood hormone levels and reproductive organs were […]

Poultry producers mull slower growers

About a century ago, your typical chicken took about four months to grow to a weight of three pounds. Today, however, the typical broiler, or meat chicken, grows to twice that size in half the time. While these birds are feeding more people than ever before, some animal welfare advocates think the rate of their […]

Move over Honeycrisp, Cosmic Crisp is on its way

Introduced in the 1990s, the Honeycrisp apple became an immediate favorite among Americans thanks to its juicy flesh and crisp texture. While the Honeycrisp has been seen as an improvement from the former American favorite, the Red Delicious apple, it is difficult to produce, expensive and its flavor does not store particularly well.

That’s why, […]

From giant pumpkins to pets: Genetic engineering is there

Will your future dog be a genetically modified “micropig?” Will giant pumpkins become the norm this time of year? Some are asking these questions as the use of genetic engineering is making headlines around the world regarding everything from the foods we grow and eat, to the future of our household pets.

For example, the […]

Genetic engineering may be key to chestnut revival

Throughout the 1800s, chestnut trees were a major source of food as families would use the nuts in everything from bread to pickles, to preserves and cream pies. However, that changed in the early 1900s when a plague known as blight, decimated American chestnut trees. This deadly fungus came to the U.S. on the much […]