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Farmers say no to GMO for a surprising reason

There are two sides to the genetically modified organism (GMO) debate: either you’re for it, or you’re against it. There are shades of gray in between, but the battle lines have been drawn in the sand, leaving farmers and the entire agricultural industry somewhere in the middle.

GMO foods are “good” for a variety of […]

The superfruit that may end starvation, blindness

A tomato is a fruit (but legally a vegetable), an eggplant is a berry, and a strawberry is not a berry, but an avocado is and…this is all very difficult to keep up with. While technical definitions of fruit (er, vegetables?) may be hard to understand, there are some things that are pretty easy. A […]

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Food safety

As fiscal cliff approaches, advocates worry about food safety – Food Safety News

Advocates worry the budget cuts that come with the fiscal cliff will set back food safety […]

Genetically modified calf may produce reduced allergenic milk

For children who suffer from milk allergies, new hope may rest in a calf born in New Zealand.

The tailless calf, which was conceived via cloning and genetic modification, produces milk that contains no detectable beta-lactoglobulin (BLG), one of the allergenic proteins in milk, according to CNN.

Approximately 2 to 3 percent of babies are […]