Graphics show how quickly germs can spread in a hospital

New research, backed by some pretty cool graphics, is showing just how quickly germs can spread within a healthcare setting—such as nursing homes and hospitals—and challenges the myth that infectious droplets released by patients’ coughing, sneezing, or breathing can be fully dealt with by the building’s ventilation system.

Marco-Felipe King, PhD, a research fellow at […]

How to care for geriatric horses

Almost all horse owners will face the challenge of caring for an aging horse at some point. It’s inevitable if we choose to provide our animals a home beyond their useful or competitive life. A 2010 Animal Horse Publication survey showed that the average horse owner has two horses older than 15 years and that […]

Bacteria 101: How do pathogens make us sick?

Here at Neogen blog, we talk a lot about pathogens.

But what makes them tick? And what makes them pathogens?

A pathogen is an agent such as a bacterium or virus that causes illness. When it comes to foodborne illness, this includes Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, and norovirus, for example. For now, we’re going to […]