Neogen disinfectants proven effective against avian influenza

In response to numerous recent reports of avian influenza outbreaks in widespread poultry production facilities, Neogen announced that its comprehensive line of agricultural biosecurity products includes multiple disinfectants proven to be effective against avian influenza.

Neogen offers the “gold standard” of poultry facility disinfectants, DuPont’s Virkon® S, as well as DC&R® Disinfectant, and BioSentry BioPhene™ […]

Genomics used in new bird flu study

Canadian scientists are fast-tracking a genomic surveillance system to detect new, virulent avian flu viruses in wild birds in order to predict and hopefully prevent outbreaks in domestic birds, a new report states.

Recently, a new strain of avian flu swept through poultry farms in British Columbia and contained a blend of genetic material from […]