Consumer survey shows changing definition of food safety

A recent survey of 5,000 consumers nationwide that asked about food buying decisions showed changing attitudes about food safety, and showed that many consumers are beginning to expect a much broader definition of food safety than ever before.

The survey shows that people still want toxin-free and pathogen-free food, but they also want more transparency […]

14 food allergens must appear on UK labels by end of 2014

We are currently in the middle of #AllergyWeek in the United Kingdom (UK), which started on April 28 and will end on May 4. With an estimated 21 million people in the UK affected by at least one type of food allergy, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that allergies are a growing health concern. […]

Price of beauty could mean long-term health issues

You could easily get lost in cosmetic aisles and stores. Shelf after shelf of amazing red lipsticks, un-ending mascaras with different wands and colors and more eye shadow palettes than most girls know what to do with. With one glance, it can be exhausting — but some have their makeup routine down to an exact […]