Tox Tuesday: Carfentanil

Typically used to sedate elephants and other extremely large animals, carfentanil is one of the latest and most deadly opioids suspected in a new rash of overdoses around the country. Recent reports have also found the drug mixed with or disguised as heroin, and seized in several states including Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Formerly […]

Increased drug testing in UK includes ‘legal highs’

Europe’s working class may need to start being on their best behavior as workplace drug testing is on the rise in the United Kingdom (UK), according to a recently published article in BBC News. Not only are the number and frequency of tests rising, but employers are also starting to test for more “legal highs” […]

New, “exciting” depression therapy study

With one in 10 people affected by depression at some point in their lives, it is no wonder that researchers are looking for additional ways to alleviate the often debilitating symptoms. Although antidepressants, such as Prozac, are on the market, many people affected by depression remain resistant to treatment.

That is why a new study […]

Toxicology news roundup

U.K. reviews ketamine classification

Officials in the United Kingdom (U.K.) are reviewing whether ketamine should be upgraded from a class C drug to a class B drug, a move that would increase penalties for illegal possession.

Ketamine is an anesthetic used in veterinary and human medicine that often is used as a club drug. It […]

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Food safety

Label backlog and expedited label evaluation process (Constituent update) – U.S. Department of Agriculture

With the U.S. government up and running again, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has […]

Tox Tuesday: Ketamine

Growing more popular among teens and young adults at dance clubs, ketamine usage has risen in recent years.

Ketamine is considered a club drug, and is a dissociative anesthetic, meaning it gives users the sensation of being detached from their surroundings and pain. Ketamine causes hallucinations or delirium (and sometimes, flashbacks many weeks after taking […]