Scientists create world’s first pig gut gene catalog

Scientists are hoping that new findings about the bacterial genes living inside pigs will help provide insight into many human diseases and also be an important tool in the quest towards more sustainable knowledge-based pig farming.

A recent article discusses an international consortium of researchers from France, Denmark, China and Norway who have successfully established […]

Study: key bacteria in gut can promote foodborne illness

Although many think the worst when they hear “E. coli,” there are many forms of the bacteria that are actually harmless and critical to gut health. However, one of the most harmful forms is known as enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) which causes diarrhea and is linked with outbreaks featured in the news, including this year’s […]

Optimization & prevention for animal safety

One of the key aspects of every farmer’s job is to ensure that their animals and crops are happy and healthy. To do this, they must put preventative measures in place to optimize performance and quality down the road.

The website All About Feed recently released its list of ways to optimize performance in animals, […]