Study shows mold-related toxin in some oat cereals; pet food

Mycotoxins are making headlines once again, as high concentrations of the mold toxins have been found in certain types of pet and human foods.

A lawsuit filed earlier this month is alleging that thousand of dogs may have been poisoned by pet food containing mycotoxins, which can grow on grains and can cause poisoning when […]

Risks and pitfalls of black light testing

Visit Neogen at the Country Elevator Conference and learn why black light testing is “as good as flipping a coin.”

Neogen newcomers Stacy Bettinghouse, Inside Sales Representative, and Megan Roush, Market Development Manager, will be traveling to Indianapolis this Sunday to represent Neogen at the 2014 Country Elevator Conference. Stop by their booth, #119 to […]

Grain storage bags raise mycotoxin concerns

With corn harvest now underway, several factors including low crop prices and a shortage of storage space, are contributing to more and more farmers turning to polyethylene bags, or “bag silos,” as a crop storage solution instead of traditional storage bins and silos.

While these bags, which are also being used for soybeans and wheat, […]

Concerns raised about mycotoxins in wheat east of Mississippi

Following a rainy season, the wheat harvest east of the Mississippi is behind schedule, meaning it is more subject to deoxynivalenol (DON) than usual, according to Max Hawkins, a nutritionist in Lexington, Kentucky.

Hawkins works with Alltech’s mycotoxin management team, and explains that DON is produced by Fusarium garminareum mold—the same mold that produces Fusarium […]

Farmers: check the condition of stored grain

Farmers may need to institute a system of monitoring their stored grain products. Grain from the previous season that remains in storage for the spring months could be at risk for mold, mycotoxins and insect damage, depending on the storage conditions.

Agricultural engineers from Purdue Extension say grain that was stored at moisture levels of […]

Appropriate grain storage important to maintain quality

Proper grain storage is crucial for preventing mold growth during the winter, which can decrease grain quality and potentially lead to the production of mycotoxins.

Storage problems could be compounded by a corn crop of inconsistent quality, caused in part by a wet, cool spring in some areas followed by high temperatures, according to Charles […]