How to care for geriatric horses

Almost all horse owners will face the challenge of caring for an aging horse at some point. It’s inevitable if we choose to provide our animals a home beyond their useful or competitive life. A 2010 Animal Horse Publication survey showed that the average horse owner has two horses older than 15 years and that […]

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November is Pet Diabetes Month

Humans aren’t the only ones who deal with diabetes – our furry companions can also be hit hard by the disease.

To help fight back, November is recognized as Pet Diabetes Month, which provides an increased emphasis on the illness.

Diabetes is a relatively common disease in dogs and cats (1 in 400 cats […]

More than half of cats and dogs in U.S. overweight

There’s a lot in the news about human obesity, but it seems the trend has transferred to our furry friends.

More than 50 percent of dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight, with 20 percent being obese, according to an article from The Atlantic, which cites estimates from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.