Who’s buying organic foods?

The year 2017 marked continued strength in the organic food market. According to the Organic Trade Association (OTA), U.S. sales surpassed $45 billion over the course of the year, more than doubling in size from a decade ago. OTA notes that the 2017 figures represent a 6.4% increase from the previous year — significant, considering […]

Debate over dirt could change the future of organics

Take away the dirt from an organic farming operation and is it possible for the fruits and veggies grown there still be considered organic? That is exactly the question raised in a recent article and facing the organic farming industry, as hydroponically grown foods, a water-based model of cultivation, want to be sold under the […]

Farmers debate value of proposed organic checkoffs

According to the article “Organic Checkoff: Is it What’s for Dinner?” The United States Department of Agriculture is currently proposing a redirection of funds from general checkoff programs to instead be used for promotion and research in organic foods.

Checkoffs are defined as a percentage of farmer’s income that is then used by the USDA […]