Cats vs. Dogs: Who loves us more?

After much speculation, a new study is saying it’s finally been proven: dogs officially love their owners more than cats. Based on research involving 10 cats and 10 dogs, along with their owners, neuroeconomist Dr. Paul Zak found that dogs produce more of the “love hormone” oxytocin after playing with owners compared with their feline […]

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Food Safety

The “Guide to Guidance”: The Final Rules Are Out, But You’re Still Confused? (You’re Not Alone!) – The Acheson Group The first two final rules of FSMA have been published and […]

The human-canine bond: A tale of love and brain chemistry

It’s a love story that’s existed for thousands of years.

The bond between humans and dogs runs deep; in fact, dogs can read human gestures better than pretty much any other species, including other primates such as chimps, according to National Geographic.

It’s this complex emotional and chemically-bound bond between humans and our canine companions […]