2014 Monday Mycotoxin Capstone Report

Welcome to the Monday Mycotoxin Capstone Report for the 2014 growing season. For the latest reports and for more information on products, visit www.neogen.com or find us on youtube.com/neogencorp.

Monday Mycotoxin Report — November 3, 2014

Each week, we are happy to present to you the weekly Monday Mycotoxin Report, sharing data and statistics from the agriculture industry. To learn more about drought, crop yields and mycotoxin levels, please watch the video below.

Tox Tuesday: Caffeine

It could be from coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, jelly beans, chocolate, pills or even in powder form, but the fact of the matter is, there are some days I just need my caffeine. I may have pulled a couple all-nighters in my college years drinking cup after cup of tea to finish my final […]

Are beans and peas for the birds?

A controversial battle is brewing in England between wildlife campaigners, farmers and the European Union (EU) government. The debate: assist nature, or plant more crops?

Originally, grant funds from the EU were aimed towards supporting wild plants and animals in the English countryside. Now, the funds are being handed to farmers to grow beans and […]

Monday Mycotoxin Report, June 23

We’ve gathered the latest news from the agricultural world and compiled it into a video. What is going on with growth rates? Are there any mycotoxins growers and consumers ought to be worried about? Watch the video to find out.

Monday Mycotoxin Report, June 16

Our second Monday Mycotoxin Report of the season is now live and available for viewing. This report covers plant progress and any reports of mycotoxins across the United States.