Beauty is in the eye of the USDA

Magazines have been known to Photoshop individuals nearly beyond recognition in order to achieve a sense of perfection and beauty. The images in the magazines and print ads depict a person in their peak physical shape with not a blemish in sight. This is a uniquely human trait—or is it?

Fruit and vegetables can be […]

Revenge of the plants: Rise of the chemical defenses

Recent research has shown that plants may have the ability to communicate with one another, warning other nearby plants of incoming threats. Research from the University of Missouri’s Bond Life Service Center adds one more element to plant communication: listening.


Seeing the light: Tricking plants into growing

For plants to grow, they need three things: a place to grow and water and sun to nourish them. Without one of these three, the plant could suffer and, eventually, die.

But what if we could change all that? That’s the questions that researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison tried to answer—and the answer could […]

Monday Mycotoxin Report, July 14

Everything you need to know about what is happening in agriculture in the United States: droughts, growing rates, mycotoxin reports and more. Our weekly Monday Mycotoxin Report is your go-to source for everything you need to know. Watch the video below to learn more:

Introducing: NeoMyco App!

New to Neogen’s list of products and services for its customers is the NeoMyco app. Designed to give you the latest news in the agricultural world, this free app is available for download through Apple’s iStore and Android’s Google Play.

Use this app to access the latest


Monday Mycotoxin Report, June 30

Back for another week — the Monday Mycotoxin Report. It’s your source for everything going on in the agricultural world: droughts, mycotoxin levels, crop growth and more. What are you waiting for? Watch the video below:

Are beans and peas for the birds?

A controversial battle is brewing in England between wildlife campaigners, farmers and the European Union (EU) government. The debate: assist nature, or plant more crops?

Originally, grant funds from the EU were aimed towards supporting wild plants and animals in the English countryside. Now, the funds are being handed to farmers to grow beans and […]

Monday Mycotoxin Report, June 23

We’ve gathered the latest news from the agricultural world and compiled it into a video. What is going on with growth rates? Are there any mycotoxins growers and consumers ought to be worried about? Watch the video to find out.

7 things you need to know this Monday

[ SPANISH ] Summer is finally here, and with it comes a lot of news in the animal and food safety industries. Don’t have time to scour the internet for all that you need to know? Relax, we have you covered.


Monday Mycotoxin Report, June 16

Our second Monday Mycotoxin Report of the season is now live and available for viewing. This report covers plant progress and any reports of mycotoxins across the United States.