‘Rain, rain, go away’ say farmers

We typically think of rain as being good for plants, but as with anything, timing is key.

Too much springtime rain can force farmers to delay planting schedules by several weeks. This is currently the case for farmers in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest regions of the United States, where a rainy yet […]

Wet weather delays planting

With heavy rains and flooding hitting much of the Midwest, this year is shaping up to be the opposite of last year for some areas of the U.S.

Last year’s drought was the worst in years, devastating crops and forcing livestock producers to cull their herds as pastures dried up and feed prices skyrocketed. Its […]

Drought 2012 links: Drought-stressed corn contributes to cattle death in Wisconsin

More than 30 Wisconsin cows are dead after they consumed drought-stressed corn, Hay and Forage Grower has reported.

The deaths are thought be the result of nitrates that build up in drought-stressed corn. Typically, the nitrate flows up the plant and is converted to protein, aiding in growth. However, in drought conditions, the flow stops […]