In ‘draw-a-scientist’ studies, more kids draw women than before

Quick, think of a scientist.

Who did you picture? Researchers for years have been gaining insight into societal views by asking this question to children and documenting what they imagine, which in turn reveals a lot about how their generation sees the world.

One area this kind of test illuminates is gender roles. In the […]

Revenge of the plants: Rise of the chemical defenses

Recent research has shown that plants may have the ability to communicate with one another, warning other nearby plants of incoming threats. Research from the University of Missouri’s Bond Life Service Center adds one more element to plant communication: listening.


8 things to know for your Monday Links

Sometimes, Mondays can be rough. That’s why Neogen gives you everything you will want to know about the food and animal industries. Check out all of the Monday Links we’ve gathered for you:


Science: Fist bump, dudes

It is part of the Bro Code — and it also may be coming to a hospital near you. Enter, the fist bump.

Recently, researchers in Morgantown, W.Va., were stumped when trying to treat MRSA (methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in hospitals. MRSA is difficult to treat and is antibiotic-resistant. In hospitals, where patients —and potentially even […]