New study discourages octopus farming

Old MacDonald had an… octopus?

Though we’ve long since established fisheries and shellfish farms, octopus farms are still something new. Commercial octopus farming is only in its developmental stage in a few countries around the world. One Japanese company says its first fully-farmed octopi might reach the market in 2020, and other institutions are working […]

Are you being catfished by your catfish dinner?

Did your last fish dinner seem a little extra, well, “fishy?” According to a new report by the ocean conservation group, Oceana, this may be due to the high incidence of seafood fraud happening today.

As stated in the report, one in five seafood samples tested worldwide turned out to be completely different from what […]

Plenty of fish in the sea but also plenty in the trash

According to a new study from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF), between 2009 and 2013, as much as 47% of all edible seafood in the United States went to waste. A majority of this wasted fish is thanks to consumers, who buy fresh and frozen fish but never end up eating […]

Infographic: Norovirus

Sometimes referred to as the winter vomiting bug, norovirus, is the most common stomach bug in the United Kingdom (UK) infecting between 600,000 and one million people every year. The virus gets its name from where it was first identified — in Norwalk, Ohio, in 1972.

Since then, several strains of the virus have been […]

What does the acidifying ocean mean for you?

This week, the U.S. Department of State has been hosting an “Our Ocean” conference to talk about the state of the oceans around the world. The prognosis isn’t very good.


SAFE Seafood Act to fight mislabeling, fraud

A new bill to combat fish fraud was introduced this week, following recent studies that showed widespread mislabeling of fish.

The SAFE Seafood Act, which formerly was introduced as the Safety and Fraud Enforcement for Seafood Act, would require information collected by fishermen such as type of fish caught, location and how the fish was […]

Neurotoxins such as domoic acid can disrupt salmon brain activity

There’s something in the water.

And it’s making salmon go crazy.

OK, maybe not crazy, but new research shows salmon that have been exposed to algal neurotoxins such as domoic acid, saxitoxin and brevetoxin exhibit changes in their behavior and brain activity.

The study, published online June 25 in Science Daily, also found small doses […]